The tools and resources below support forensic physicians to carry out engagement activities and promote quality patient care.

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Useful Documents

FE Funding Guidelines and Application

Do you have an engagement initiative in mind which will foster meaningful consultation and collaboration between Forensic Physicians and PHSA? If so, you can apply for Facility Engagement funding in order to bring your initiative to life. To strengthen the engagement between physicians and health authorities, FE expenditures must align with at least one of the following Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) objectives:


• To improve communication and relationships among the medical staff so that their views are more effectively represented.

• To prioritize issues that significantly affect physicians and patient care.

• To support medical staff contributions to the development and achievement of health authority plans and initiatives that directly affect physicians.

• To have meaningful interactions between medical staff and health authority leaders, including physicians in formal HA medical leadership roles.


If your initiative aligns with at least one of the above MOU objectives, please continue reading the below FE Funding Guideline to find out how you can apply for funding.

Engagement Initiative Letter of Intent Form

Please view and fill out the form here:


Engagement Initiative: Letter of Intent Form

Health Promotion Initiatives Fund (HPIF)

The next HPIF application period opens on April 1, 2019 and for the first time ever, will be open all year round.


Do you have a great idea for supporting the physical, emotional, spiritual and/or social health and wellness of your team or department? Apply for a grant through the Health Promotion Initiatives Fund to help turn your great idea into a great solution! If you have an innovative idea, consider applying from April 1, 2019!


What is the Health Promotion Initiatives Fund?

The Health Promotion Initiatives Fund is a funding program established to support the physical and mental health of PHSA employees. Adapted from the successful Healthy UBC model, this program allows any department, site or group of employees to apply for funding to coordinate a healthy living project in the workplace. Applicants can apply for a maximum of a $500 seed fund to be used during the fiscal year. Multiple projects will be awarded funding for each competition period.


How do I apply?

Come up with a great idea for a project you can run in your workplace and complete an application form. During the application process you may need to:

– Identify a health need in your workplace.

– Discuss with your coworkers how this need can be addressed and come up with a project plan.

– Pull together a team of individuals interested in helping to implement the idea.

– Approach your supervisor to obtain approval and input on your idea.


What kind of projects will be funded?

All creative ideas that incorporate realistic timelines and budgets. Above all, your project should address a health need specific to your workplace. Check out the eligibility and funding criteria for detailed guidelines. To get inspired, why not check out the Application Toolkit for a list of all previously funded projects.

A full list of HPIF documentation can be found below or on the PSHA website.

Physician Leadership Scholarship Application Forms

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