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Forensic Physician Engagement Society

Welcome to the website for the Forensic Physician Engagement Society (FPES). Working in partnership with the Facility Engagement Initiative and Doctors of BC, the aim of the FPES is to improve relationships and engagement between our local health authority (PHSA) and forensic physicians working through the Forensic Psychiatric Hospital, providing an opportunity to strengthen physician voices in decisions that directly affect their workplace and patient care.


• Ensure forensic physician views are more effectively represented.

• Contribute to the development and achievement of PSHA initiatives with respect to matters directly affecting physicians.

• Prioritize issues which affect medical staff and patient care.

• Have meaningful and productive interaction with health authority leaders.

Engage Physicians

Meet with engagement group to discuss issues which affect their workplace and ideas to improve patient care.

Propose Initiatives

Propose ideas and solutions to improve physician work environment and bring these to the health authorities.

Deliver Results

Real results, further strengthening the relationship and engagement between health authorities and physicians.

Apply for Funding

Do you have an engagement initiative in mind which will foster meaningful consultation and collaboration between Forensic Physicians and PHSA? If so, you can apply for Facility Engagement funding in order to bring your initiative to life. To strengthen the engagement between physicians and health authorities, FE expenditures must align with at least one of the following Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) objectives:


• To improve communication and relationships among the medical staff so that their views are more effectively represented.

• To prioritize issues that significantly affect physicians and patient care.

• To support medical staff contributions to the development and achievement of health authority plans and initiatives that directly affect physicians.

• To have meaningful interactions between medical staff and health authority leaders, including physicians in formal HA medical leadership roles.


If your initiative aligns with at least one of the above MOU objectives, please continue reading the below FE Funding Guideline to find out how you can apply for funding.


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